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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


SUCCESS STORIES – Not everybody who’s on top today got there with many Success Story who failed first. As a rule, the individuals who history best recollects were confronted with various hindrances that constrained them to work harder and demonstrate more determination than others. Next time you’re feeling down about your disappointments in school or in a vocation, remember these Success Inspirations who failed first individuals and advise yourself that occasionally disappointment is only the initial move towards achievement.

Here we have Some Stories to Inspire you:

    Calling himself a computer geek from teenage, he is none other than Yasir Zahoor Rather, hails from Kashmir. Yasir is currently own a sport portal with the name GAMBIG INC. Yasir has started this online store for sports and fitness related products: www.sportingcart.com .Yasir Zahoor is 23 year old, student from CT Institute of Engineering, Management and Technology had been selected as Google Ambassador for the year 2013-2014. He has been selected as top 5 google ambassadors in India.
    We all use Windows but have you ever thought who and how the journey of the owner of the world’s most widely used Operating System and one of the richest man in this earth came into existence? Yes, we are here referring to Bill Gates, a Harvard School Dropout. Bill Gates, born in Seattle on October 25, 1995, in a family, having a firm business, political, community background and always believes in achieving each and every goal in life through dedication and hard work.
    Steve Jobs, one of the most influential names, leader and co-founder of the world’s most creative and fast growing company was born in California in a family that was unable to care for him and early life of whom was struggling for define identity. An adopted child who was raised by caring parents, always believe that the academic success was because of his biological family and the same was mentioned in his speeches at public seminars and meetings.
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Yasir Zahoor : Designs three years degree course in Digital Marketing & Social Networks for a private university in Punjab Srinagar, May 24: Despite odds, new success stories are being scripted by young men and women from Kashmir, mostly in...