Rio Olympics 2016: Russia will have 271 athletes eligible

Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics 2016 : Russians ‘have cleanest team’ as 271 athletes cleared to compete

Rio Olympics is more than two-thirds of their original entry list of 389 athletes, despite the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) recommending a blanket ban after a doping scandal.

Russia’s Olympic Committee president Alexander Zhukov said his country will have “the cleanest team” at the Games.

Russia will have 271 athletes eligible to compete at the Rio Games, says the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Olympics opening ceremony takes place on Friday.

“The Russian team may have experienced the toughest checks of the Olympics, because they had to go through multiple tests and checked,” said Zhukov.

“On top of all that, Russian athletes are going through additional testing which is taking place at the Olympic Village.

“So, as of now, the Russian team is probably the cleanest in Rio.”

In which sports are Russians competing at the Rio Olympics?

Rio Olympics

What’s the background?

The IOC asked individual federations to decide whether Russians could compete after an independently commissioned Wada report found evidence of a four-year, state-run “doping programme”.

A three-person IOC panel ratified 18 shooters, 11 boxers, 11 judokas, eight tennis players, six sailors, five equestrian riders, three archers and one golfer, among others, on Thursday.

Russian news agency R-Sport said 29 swimmers and canoeing world champion Andrey Kraitor were also free to compete at the Games.

The International Weightlifting Federation excluded all eight Russiansentered for Rio last week and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) ruled the ban had been “properly applied”.

Appeals by 17 Russian rowers were also rejected at the hearing in Brazil.

Record number of cases

Cas has now heard 18 cases since its division in Rio was opened on 26 July, a record for one Olympics.

Rio Olympic Schedule

The Cas panel ruled that the International Rowing Federation (Fisa)’s decision to deny the rowers entry to the Rio Games was in accordance with the IOC decision of 24 July, which set out the criteria for the admission of Russian athletes to compete in Brazil.

Track and field athletes have already been banned.