Manhood Test For Boys Before Marriage

manhood test

Manhood Test by Bride for their Groom Before Marriage

Manhood test : Often you’ll hear that the wedding couple first meet and fall in love with each other at the wedding chimes. However, you probably have heard that the boy likes to take the girl to marry and his bride to be asked for proof of manhood before.

But it happens. There is also a place where the girls before marriage than men ask for proof of their manhood. Let us know how the boys prove their manhood.

The boy to prove his manhood have to play a game. The drunkard he is forced about 120 volts of electric shock. If the boy is suffering the stroke is considered masculine.

Sometimes girls do join her future husband and her test .At this game are. The boy handed rod in the hands of two of the metal. Initially, electric shocks are light, but gradually it gets to 120 volts. This game is considered effeminate boy who fail.

The winner of this game, the boy takes the girl to choose her husband.

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