Papa, Ye Masturbation Kya Hota Hai?’

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‘Papa, Ye Masturbation Kya Hota Hai?’ – Kid Questions His Dad And He Answers In The Most Epic Way

When you were a kid, did you ever question your parents or your teachers about sex or masturbation or anything related to sex? Of course not, right? But imagine if you’re a parent and your kid asks you the same question. How would you react? Can you answer him/her directly or would you neglect the question?

Without further ado, watch this video showing a hilarious but sensible conversation between a kid and his father where the son asks him what masturbation means, leaving his dad in shock. But on second thoughts, the friendly dad decides to answer and nails it!
P.S. This is just the sort of thing the Indian education system needs to develop!

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