Caught on camera: Naked couple having wild sex

wild sex

Caught on camera: Man films naked couple having wild sex behind popular mall
The blonde woman and the dark haired man were seen naked on a patch of grass behind a crash and carry depot.
A couple was caught on camera having sex in broad daylight just a few yards away from hundreds of students in a college. The footage was filmed by a passerby who saw this randy couple, close to Doncaster College in South Yorkshire.
The blonde woman and the dark haired man were seen naked on a patch of grass behind a popular mall.

In the clip the woman can be seen lying on her back, puffing on a cigarette during intercourse before discarding the end of it into the undergrowth.
The man who filmed the clip wishes to remain anonymous and said that he was finding a fishing spot when he stumbled upon this couple.

“I was out cycling with my mate and we were looking for spots to fish at. We were cycling across the top of a disused railway bridge. It goes up to a dead end and they were at the bottom in a grassy area. They were both fully undressed and taking their time over everything – they could have been there for hours. They didn’t have a care in the world.
wild sex
According to reports, the incident took place very close to a nearby railway line and Doncaster town centre where the commuters could easily spot them.

“This area is right near town, it’s a stone’s throw from Doncaster college. I’m a keen fisherman and sometimes I take my five-year-old daughter with me – what if we’d come across that together?” he said.

The man explained that he took this video because no one would believe him. He felt that the couple’s act was ‘disgusting’ and wanted to call the police.

Last year, South Yorkshire Police announced that it was stepping up efforts to prosecute people committing acts of public indecency in Doncaster. This decision was taken after the police received over 48 complaints of public indecency since 2010.

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Caught on camera: Couple having sex on pavement