Roadies X4 Finale : Show got the Winner!

Roadies X4 Finale

Roadies X4 Finale : Balraj Singh from Karan Kundra’s GANG WINS the show!

Roadies X4 gets a new winner in the form of Balraj Singh.

The winner of Roadies X4, Sardar Balraj Singh steal the Roadies X4 Finale by nail biting performance he gave in the task. The task was obviously to be the first to complete in terms of time. Actually, the task was to drag a tyre through a rope tied to the contestants. The tyre is dragged to some distance and after getting rid of it by jumping into water pool with the fired up tyre.

Roadies X4 Finale
Balraj Singh after winning the Roadies X4.

This is not done yet. After the contestant is not tied with any tyre, he had to climb the rope steps then at last pouncing on a net wall to grab the flag attached on there.

See the winning moment of the Roadies X4

Congratulations to Balraj and gang leader Karan Kundra!

The winner, Balraj Singh completed this task in less time and the way he performed was the first to make people stand on their feets. Bravo, the Roadies X4 winner. This is what the show is about.

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