Aamir Khan with his Monster look for ‘DANGAL’

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan’s new look for ‘DANGAL’ revealed

Its worth saying WOW for Aamir Khan for his new monster look for his upcoming movie ‘DANGAL’.

Every one after seeing the pics below will applause for the body Aamir Khan has. 52 years old Aamir Khan and what a Dedication and what a result for his hardwork.
Marvellous I must say!

Aamir Khan in Dangal before the shoot of young portion of that film came across,

That Transformation Proved Why #AamirKhan is Called As #MrPerfectionist 👌✌👏👍❤

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Nothing To Say na, I also felt Speechless!
Salute to this man for what he had done including lots of transformation in body for many movies but this time he is looking totally macho. Some people will agree with me that his present look is better than Ghajini’s look.

Fans lost their mind when Aamir transformed himself into a muscle man for his role in ‘Ghajini’. If you thought that he was ‘big’, wait till you lay your eyes on the monster he has become for his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’.
Check out rugged Aamir and the grooves on his body.

Everything in the Universe is debatable, except this sentence 👇 #AamirKhan is the most handsome man ever created! ❤

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Terrific commitment of this man can make anything easy for him. Awesome.

Mr. Professionist said on Facebook and Twitter on Monday “2 days to go before I shoot for young Mahaveer”. You will be shocked to know that he reportedly gained over 20 kilograms in preparation for the role of Indian wrestler Mahaveer Phogat.

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