QNET Fraud Case Reaches over 1000 Crore INR


QNET fraud case reaches over 1000 crore INR

More than 5 lakh people have affected around the world. Police has been investigating and found that they are dealing.

One of my friend approaches me to do better than the job I am in. He told me about QNET. I trusted him and went to attend so called one to one meeting. I truly felt the same as almost everyone would have felt, but I was prepared for it so can say that I am out of this whether good or bad.
That guy (I met for the meeting) told me many this and that about the company and I was thinking that they still need these types of meeting after being on the 7th rank in the world (as that guy told me).
Let me show you the website of the company QNET holding 7th rank in the world:


I have been told many things like:
# They sponsored IIFA awards Malaysia,
# They have F1 (Formula one) team,
# Branded watches, Foreign tours, etc.

I am not going to even advise anyone to join such a scam or scandal.
Are you.?

Read this post from one I got to know about this below for more info:

All of us have friends who –
1. Have suddenly started up their dream business
2. But it’s a secret
3. Don’t even tell you the name of their business but they keep telling you I am into a business
3. Have their Facebook full of motivational quotes
4. Claim that they have suddenly become rich
5. They visit Malaysia and Dubai and post pictures having fun there and call it a business trip ! These are the only guys who have fun during a business trip it seems. (Reality: They bought the tickets by themselves only to post pictures so that their innocent friends would think that they are doing something really cool)
6. No matter how much you ignore them, they will keep on calling you till their last breath. We already know that this is not the characteristics of a person who has even 10% self respect in him/her.
7. And then one day they tell you that they have an open position of a Business Partner. He also tells you that he trusts you a lot and hence has arranged a meeting with his seniors to introduce you, probably in a CCD
8. They tell you that you can earn more than 4 crores in just a few years but do not tell you exactly what is your role in the business, But overall this guy looks so convincing that you almost feel that if you do not join him, you will miss out !
9. He makes you feel that you are running in a Rat Race by working in your current job and that their Business is the only way to change your life.

If you have experienced this and escaped, Congrats ! You are one of the Lucky Ones ! Sadly, Not everyone escapes, some join it only to lose their money because they chose not to dupe or cheat more people even their friends and relatives.

This post is been issued in public interest so that all of us can understand that there is no short cut to success.You have to be enough mature to not to indulge into such fuck!nG ideas.

Please Please Please share this post and help us create awareness against QNET. This is the only way to save your closed ones from getting cheated.

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