How to install WordPress in Computer


How to install WordPress in Computer

How to install WordPress in Computer. WordPress is the best known content management system which is used to build a blogging website according to user needs and desires. New users are often surprised when we tell them that WordPress is also well known for its ease of installation.

Why to prefer it?

It is the very first choice of bloggers all around the world. It complies 60% of the blogging world.It is 25% of the internet as per the date.These couple of facts about wordpress are nothing less to choose it as your platform for work.

In most circumstances, installing WordPress is a simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete. In this WordPress installation tutorial, MyBlog goal is to offer a aspects WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike. We will show you how to install WordPress using Xampp server for beginners. We will explain how to install WordPress manually for our users who are known but not completely knowledge of installation steps. Lastly for our beginner developer and designers, we will show you how to install WordPress on a local computer (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

So let’s start step by step with screenshot:-

  1. First of all your need to download WordPress from official website:
  2. Now you also need to download xampp server from .myblog_xampp_download
  3. After completion of downloading click on xampp icon to install it on your system.
  4. Now open My Computer click on C:\ drive and then you can see a folder into C: drive named as Xampp.
  5. Now Extract WordPress Folder which is already download.
  6. Place it inside C:xampphtdocs
  7. You can write any name of wordpress folder. (Note : Remember the name that is used in future we will use that name on browser to run wordpress).
  8. Now open your browser to run wordpress.
  9. On address bar write : localhost/sitename
  10. You will see the language selection page.Choose a language here so that rest of the installation is displayed in your own language.
  11. Then click on Continue Button to Proceed.
  12. Now Ask you to that it will need your database name, password, and mysql host information.
  13. Now you have to write on another tab of browser localhost/
  14. Create a database for wordpress data storage.
  15. Fill the form and click on Submit
  16. WordPress will now connect to your database and will show you a success message. Now click on Run the install.

WordPress will now create tables in your database and then send you to the next step of the installation.

    1. Now you need to provide some information about your website security.
    2. If you do not want your website to be visible to search engines, then you can check the box next to search engine visibility.
    3. Click on the Install WordPress button to continue. WordPress will setup your website and finish the installation.
    4. You will see a success message showing your username. You can now click on the Log in button to sign in to your WordPress site.