Bill Gates Journey of Harvard School Dropout, A Millionaire


Bill Gates Journey of Harvard School Dropout, A Millionaire

We all use Windows but have you ever thought who and how the journey of the owner of the world’s most widely used Operating System and one of the richest man in this earth came into existence? Yes, we are here referring to Bill Gates, a Harvard School Dropout. Bill Gates, born in Seattle on October 25, 1995, in a family, having a firm business, political, community background and always believes in achieving each and every goal in life through dedication and hard work. It is known that Gates is a firm believer that only having intelligent mindset is not important and the key is how to implement that intelligence into achieving goals and targets.

Bill Gates “Journey of Harvard School Dropout, A Millionaire”

Even in school days, Bill was very ambitious, creative, intelligent and always recognized as one of the smartest kids on campus by his teachers and friends. Bill’s parents were fully aware of their son’s intelligence and enrolled him one of the best private school. That stood as the turning point in Bill’s career since that was the first time when he was first introduced to computers. In late 1968 they formed Programmers Group where they applied their amazing computer skills in University Of Washington. And then in next year the Information Science Inc. where they were selected as programmers decided to give them royalty from the money generated from the group that they formed and later signed a business deal with them and make it a legal business.

After few years, Bill and his close friend Allen started a new company Traf-O-Data and they developed a small computer to measure traffic flow and from this project they earned around $20000 but the era of Traf-O-Data came to end when Gates left the college.

After graduation from Lakeside, Bill enrolled at Harvard University which is one of the best universities in the country and signed for the standard freshmen courses. Bill was very much dedicated towards his work and spent a good number of hours in front of the computer and most of the time found asleep in class and after leaving the school he almost lost himself from the world of computers. But both Gates and friend Paul Allen still were in contact with each other even after they left the school and discussed new future projects and planned to start a new business. By the end of the first year, Bill and Allen got a very good opportunity with Honeywell but his friend Allen was very determined to start a new company and Bill always supported his decision.Bill Gates “Journey of Harvard School Dropout, A Millionaire”

Within a year or so, Bill Gates dropped out from Harvard and formed Microsoft with a vision that each and every household will have a system and each system should have Microsoft Operating System in it. Being a visionary person Bill worked very hard to achieve his vision and that hard work lead Bill to next level which was taking Microsoft to the position where it is now. Like every successful person, Bill always believes that luck and god grace doesn’t come to the people who do not do work hard. In his speeches as well Bill always encouraged young individuals and professionals to work hard and just do not believe in God grace and only focus on competitiveness.

It is because all of his abilities that Bill Gates still is one of the richest men in the world.

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